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November 17, 2009



Did you intend to link to something?

I like your "techie vs mythie" frame better than Arnold Kling's "suits vs geeks", even though I'm quite geeky. It just smacks of dilbert-populism myth-promotion. Bill Whittle's "pinks vs grays" is quite terrible as written, though with heavy reconstructive surgery it could be adapted for your purposes (perhaps leaving you the only gray).

Hopefully Anonymous

probably intended to link, but that post on the freakonomics blog is super easy to find anyways.


Was it this?
I would like to promote the norm of linking to referenced posts (rather than just someone's blog, as is a common practice), because while they might be on the frontpage now over time that will change, and readers looking at old posts will not be able to find them easily.

No mention of Climateprogress, but Daily Climate seems pretty close. I think Delong, Krugman and some others were promoting Kolbert's piece, with the idea being that Levitt & Dubner really deserve a thrashing and that's what she delivered. Some of that corner of the blogosphere have noted that Dubner is more combative than Levitt (and also more outside the mainstream regarding global warming). I think that's an accurate assessment. Perhaps they would agree with Sailer that Duber is "bad for Levitt's soul".

Hopefully Anonymous

I don't think that's it (I didn't check the link), the piece I read was specifically about the superfreakonomics book chapter on global warming and the initial blogosphere criticism it sparked. Maybe this was a follow up? I haven't traced the social epistemologic timeline on this carefully.

Hopefully Anonymous

Here's the link:


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