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November 21, 2009


Sister Y

With something like that, it's hard to tell if it's new or if the Internet connects up people who felt that way all along. Lots of debate on that, from apotemnophilia to gender reassignment. I'd love to see real science on sexual fetishes. Too bad most of what's written on it is boring speculation. It's hard to study, or even conceive of how to study, though.

As for the sneaky fucker fish, cf. baboons - bimodal strategy on the part of baboons, but more female choice involved, as with humans. Rather than "sneaky" and "nurturing," the two strategies are "friend" and "alpha." Each strategy seems to promote its user's reproductive fitness, and they've done some quantitative genetic work to show this.

I'm very skeptical about cuckolding connecting up with female power. Thematically, maybe, but not in practice. It tends to be gross old guys either trying to impose it on their reluctant wives, or seeking out a wife to be cuckolded by, rather than women imposing it on their reluctant men (though that's the male fantasy). This is not to judge it - I think it's awesome. But the reality ends up being kinda gross.

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