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November 23, 2009



Agreed. Again, I see similarities in his reaction to the econ nobel.

Speaking of elitism, I liked this comment of yours at Steve's:
"Here's a simple way to put it. Obama is more like Scalia in intelligence than he is like Joe Q. Public. They both graduated harvard law magna cum laude.

Scalia looks like you and shares you cultural values. Push for Presidents with Scalia's intelligence who looks like you and has your values. Or even a protestant, anglosaxon or scot-irish version if you need to.

But don't push for Palin. That's naughty, giving into your impulse to try to make society worse so that elites are more equal to you in misery.

Instead, by pushing for Scalia type Presidents,you'll be more likely to continue to see the face of power speak English and look like you 30 years from now (rather than loom like an Indian, a Chinese person, or speaking German).

So it's all right to go for the white Christian. It's understandable you feel Obama doesn't represent you. But be an adult. At least support the really, really smart and competent white christians for President. Not Palin."

To be perfectly honest, I prefer justice Thomas, but Scalia is definitely a smart cookie.


yes l agree

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