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August 12, 2009


Hopefully Anonymous

also thinking about the psycho-organizational-micro-macro bridges regarding identity, motivation, and coordination generally, and status, traits, and pageantry specifically.


You've been using the term "covering" a lot lately. Have you given a fuller definition elsewhere?

Are the rankings arbitrary? I know before you've suggested that the male/female dichotomy works against the intersex, so they are fittingly at the end, but I'm surprised you have the short outranking the tall. I don't have a clear view of white v black, but I also think that the light-blacks clearly seem to outrank darker blacks (particularly for women). FeministX has a post on that:
Her previous post was how overrepresented the black+asian combination is among celebrities:

Hopefully Anonymous

A theory I'm sympathetic to is that the somewhat tall are able to outsmart the median height for status, but that the very tall are unable to do so (fewer of them, more natural cognitive biases in the masses working against them).

So I think it's higher status to be 6'2" than to be 5'10", it's probably higher status to be 5'10" than to be 6'8".

I'm aware there's a gendering to these traits, but I'm going for a simplified but not to simplified model (which will probably have to become more complicated by factoring in gendering). I think I'll be able to avoid factoring in sexual orientation though, and just treat all my agents as heterosexual.

As for blackness and status, I think it's complicated. Making this model, I'm more sympathetic to the temptation of racial reductionism (I'm engaging in it), but I think some Taleb-styel skepticism is good as a permanent presence to the model and analysis process.

In general, I think being "too white" is harmful like being "too black", although much less so, and that's reflected in my rankings. Think of the majoritarian power of folks like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. I'm placing all non-black non-whites in the 2-4 categories, not just light skinned blacks. I consider swarthy whites to be "4".

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