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August 12, 2009


Douglas Knight

Alvin Roth.



Hopefully Anonymous

Ah, thanks Douglas Knight.
P.S. You should start a blog under your posting name. Comments in other blogs alone would make great content for your own blog.


Alvin Roth's paper on repugnance is here: http://kuznets.harvard.edu/~aroth/papers/Repugnance.pdf

his blogs on repugnance are at http://marketdesigner.blogspot.com/search/label/repugnance


I remember you highlighting a youtube a while back on repugnance, organ donation and transplant chains. Can't find it now though.

Off-topic: A while back you suggested that Madoff resorted to fraud because he wasn't smart enough to compete with the super-finance-geniuses. This provides some support for that view.

Hopefully Anonymous

It was Al Roth, I'm pretty certain. you can try my youtube channel or just search it. Also, i think it was a google tech talk.

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