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August 11, 2009



MR highlighted the "grit" test, but it wasn't working when I visited. It sounds like conscientiousness or executive function. Did you know the latter appears to be 99% heritable? Yet at the same time some theorize it is nothing other than fluid-g (which is much less heritable).

Hopefully Anonymous

I think Duckworth claims grit is a salient subset of forms of conscientiousness. An example she uses is that self-control to avoid eating dessert and self-control not to change career/educational path for 20 years are both forms of conscientiousness, but that the latter is "grit".

Now I'm off to look up executive function.

Hopefully Anonymous

I'm back. Looks to me like conscientiousness is a subset of executive function.

neurology emr

I think it sounds like conscientiousness or executive function.


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