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August 26, 2009



So those mockable women's magazines were right!

Douglas Knight

That doesn't sound so useful, unless you want to be a celebrity. They're in such different situations than you. In private (eg, negotiating appearances) they may be in similar situations, but they probably have different personalities then.

Even if they only have one personality, they probably have managers to do the individual interactions.

Hopefully Anonymous

I think that's naive on two fronts.
First, I think celebrities tend to optimize micro-social interactions for their traits.
Second, I think non-celebrities are primed to interact with people with particular traits they way they see the interactions occuring in popular media.
Both of those may only be true to a degree -but I think this is an area for rational study in terms of optimizing my micro-social performance.

mike kenny

like big five traits?

Douglas Knight

I agree with both points. I don't see how you could think my comment disagreed with the first point. What I'm saying is that you encounter very different situations from a celebrity. In particular, if you see a celebrity being interviewed, there may be a trade-off between gaining advantage with the audience and gaining advantage with the interviewer.

For your second point, I agree, but that doesn't mean that the best option is one of the primed ones. It's definitely worth tracking the celebrities, but it's not at all clear to me what to do with the data.

I'm surprised that your constant use of the word "naive" hasn't worn down it's power.

Hopefully Anonymous

Douglas, sounds like we're in the same place.
Don't take my tone personally, please. I write in whatever style gets the animal spirits going. The aspiration is for insight, not the perfect put-down.

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