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May 22, 2009



I've been listening to "The Logic of Life" recently. Your point about "behavioral game theory" reminds me of the distinction Harford makes between Von Neumann's & Schelling's versions of game theory. He's quite openly a fan of the latter. I prefer Supercrunchers (which I listened to right before Logic of Life), which put more of a focus on empiricism and accuracy than merely "explaining" data we're already all aware of. You might be interested in the extended debate between Harford & Ariely.

Hopefully Anonymous

TGGP, I'll try to check out the link in your last sentence. I checked in on earlier iterations of their debate (I think I favorited some of it in my youtube channel) and while entertaining (particularly Ariely), it seemed at that time to be a bit of a faux debate to me by two people basically occupying the same empirically grounded middle ground -except where in my opinion Harford gets overreductionist and a bit mythological on certain topics like race.


I second your opinion. Who would you like to see debate and on what topics?


lung vs. lung!


how many donuts does hopefully anonymous have to feed lung

lung - "lots!"

lung - "more!"

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