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March 13, 2009



So how is the social status and wealth building working out for you. Or for Neil Strauss for that matter.

Hopefully Anonymous

We're on fairly different tracks so it's a bit hard to compare. I suspect I'm doing more to maximize my persistence odds (I'm not chasing girls, stocking firearms, etc.), but it's possible that he's a lot wealthier than me (he's written several bestsellers, and presumably has sold film rights. Please he seems to have a very high end, lucrative seduction coaching business. I'm reluctant to write too much about myself because I'm trying to preserve my putative anonymity.


Why "putative"?

Hopefully Anonymous

Because I don't really have a gauge on how anonymous I really am. But I sincerely aspire to remain anonymous.


Didn't you once say something about going to GMU with Eliezer, Caledonian and TGGP?

Is there some way to search your past posts (and if not, can you implement one?)

Hopefully Anonymous

L, I think you can do a specific seach of my blog's url through google.

Hopefully Anonymous

I tried and it wasn't as easy as I thought. If someone posts EZ instructions on how to put a search box in my blog, I'll be more likely to do it, and do it sooner.


You can add a google search bar to typepad blogs, but their results aren't as good as for the default search for wordpress or blogger (just with a URL I can search Caledonian's even though he didn't add a search bar). A typepad blogger has found a better way here:

Someone has instructions for adding plain-old google search to a typepad blog here:


Hey. My pal Barry from Miners Canary turned me onto your blog. You make a good pitch for Strauss's blog.

Ever read Evolution of Desire by Buss. Check that out for seduction.

John Sabotta

Hopefully Anonymous is doing ok with his social status among the living. but he's engendering a lot of hostility among the dead which in turn is probably going to eventually impact his persistence odds severely.

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