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March 07, 2009



Brayden at OrgTheory has a post on macrosociological causation here. I remember either Pinker or Cosmides/Tooby mocking the idea.

Perhaps the fact that most people would consider jambands a silly subject makes it a better topic with less possibility of motivated distortion.

I think lots of sociologists have turned attention on themselves (broadly speaking), though the result is often enough post-modernist science-denial of the sort Alan Sokal parodied. I think even Marx before them had come up with a sort of declasse category of intellectuals determined to overthrow capitalism in his theory of history.

Hopefully Anonymous

A caricature of how the ideological animal spirits may drive social epistemological activity is Krugman and DeLong on the Left, Mankiw on the Right, Kling and Caplan in a sort of eccentric Libertarian space, all seeking to promote their ideologies and smash the others' and thus working much harder at analyses than without the ideological battles, resulting in more useful knowledge for society.


Reminds me of Will Wilkinson here:

I don't see the EconLoggers as trying to tear down Mankiw's conservatism (I don't even think he'd agree to being referred to as a conservative). He seems more like a moderate on their side in a unidimensional political scale (Feldstein is different in that he's pro-military, but Kling seems to have leanings that way anyway).

Hopefully Anonymous

TGGP I should clarify that I think Mankiw's conservatism would be what Reihann Salaam would call "ironic". I was just reaching for an accessible icon. He does seem to engage in ideological pissing contests with Krugman, even if Krugman is more of a true believer and Mankiw is more ironic, performing, and careerist in his conservative republican shtick.

Pamela Hunt

Hi there. I'm the author of the paper, Pam Hunt. This citation is actually of a conference paper I presented years ago. If you'd like to see the finished product, it will be in print in the near future.

The title of the conference paper doesn't do it justice. I have changed to be simpler. The paper is about creating a quantitative measure of ideological embeddedness from qualitative sources. I took qualitative interviews and observations and created a vignette measure where folks could rate their similarity to each of 5 character vignettes.

Anyway, the measure is designed to be used in any subculture or group.

Hopefully Anonymous

Professor Hunt.
Thanks for visiting. Sounds interesting and I'm sure we'll be discussing the finished paper.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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