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February 02, 2009



I'm glad for the recommendation. I've taken probability but not statistics. I'd ultimately like to be able to find a statistics course online. Since I read so much social science on an amateur basis it would be nice to have some inkling of what's being discussed.

Rather than the omission of a rule being a de facto rule, I would borrow Rush's line in instead saying that "you still have made a choice" if you choose not to decide. The libertarian (or perhaps Popperian) perspective is that other people may decide what rule is best for them and you probably do not, perhaps even cannot, know better in a great many situations (leaving aside the issue of how anyone can know normative truths). Some of libertarian paternalism (the parts that don't conflict with libertarianism) simply involve a choice of defaults, in which you are selecting one out of several possibilities and the question of which is best is naturally raised. I personally don't think it's incumbent on cafetarias to ensure their patrons eat healthy meals nor do I expect for that to be a very motivating factor, but if you happen to run a cafeteria and you're interested in the health of your clientele, go for it.

Personally I do not trust others to make decisions for me unless I had to grant them that authority in the first place and I may not particularly care about what is "best" for me.

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