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February 12, 2009



Woodrow Wilson is the only U.S president to have a phD. He was president of the American Political Science Association (though he disliked the term) as well as Princeton university.

I'd like your input on what evidence is convincing.

John Sabotta

Obama was the 105th President of the Harvard Law Review.
As such, he is by some measures the most intellectually credentialed president we've ever had.

No, actually I heard from a guy who said that he was told that someone said that they did a study and the heuristic showed that actually the most highly intellectually credentialed president we've ever had was Harding.

They ran the heuristic, man. Don't diss the heuristic.


Harvard Law Review Presidents:

1993-1994 Emily Schulman
1994-1995 ?
1995-1996 David Friedman
1996-1997 David K. Panton (second African-American president)
1997-1998 Kenneth A. Bamberger

Hopefully Anonymous

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