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February 06, 2009



Thought you might be interested in my recent post on what evidence is convincing.

#1: I remember in a comment here before linking to Dan Drezner on the absence of people from the Kennedy school, or political scientists more broadly, from Obama's appointments.

#2: I thought economists were supposed to distrust talk of "creating jobs", although I suppose you have to when talking directly to the public.

#9: I get some enjoyment when experts snipe at each other, but the chasm between Barro and laymen (including the interviewer) just seemed unbridgeable and so I can't say the interview was that great. Also, I just reread David Henderson's post on it and a commenter pointed out that Krugman actually had done Keynesian macro research on Japan's liquidity trap. I have heard other economists echo his point about the great divergence between Krugman the economist (on Ricardo's Difficult Idea for instance) and Krugman the political commentator. People like to quote Krugman from years ago to refute Krugman now.

#10: Who are DTM and Colby? What do you think are the most glaring examples of failure by department heads?

John Sabotta

"I think their insights/ideology can be subsumed to normative goals of minimizing existential risk (avoiding social epistemological capture by ideological fad)."

No, actually they did a study a few years ago on subsuming insights/ideology to normative goals of minimizing existential risk, and it turned out that it was impossible to avoid major social epistemological capture.

Just thought I'd give you a heads-up on that.

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