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January 27, 2009


Carl Shulman

He used to have open comments, but moderating was too much work. You can go look at the posts discussing it.

Hopefully Anonymous

I'm skeptical that's the reason, although I grant that unlike Gelman his blog is highly trafficked. But I urge him to have volunteer comment editors if he hasn't thought of them.


I don't understand why comments need to be "moderated" at all, but I guess I have an unusual attitude on that sort of thing. Perhaps Mankiw could require pre-registration before commenting and only let in people he thinks can be left to prattle unmoderated.

Hopefully Anonymous

TGGP, no that's a terrible idea. As you can see with mindhacks, that's death to comments even in high quality, highly read blogs.

The best approach for bloggers fussy about their comments is no pre-approval, but deletion after the fact of spam.


Mankiw claimed that the problem was moderation requiring work. Deleting spam after the fact requires work, pre-emptive selection of commenters requires far less.

A post about some blogs changing comment policies:

Also, apologies for my earlier double post. Typepad hasn't been displaying comments immediately after I post them.

Hopefully Anonymous

i repeat, volunteer comment editors.

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