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December 21, 2008


Mike Kenny

point six seems interesting to me. i sort to of agree if i understand right that people tend to make up raitonal explanations that are satisfiying and sound good to them but end up not being true, and that maybe if you look at hisotry we're always making up stories before we end up finding the one that seems to work best. i'm not sure if this is bad though--could these stories be thought of as working theories, or place-holder theories--i guess there's anchoring bias that is a concern, and group think. i'm not sure what is a great way around this. part of me thinks forensic debate techniques where people just argue whatever point they are assigned could be good, and maybe there would be some neat way of generating random theories that could be argued for and against. i'm not sure if such an approach would be practical, though it's interesting.

Hopefully Anonymous

Mike, we seem to be on the same page on this. I'm also sympathetic to the idea that good science doesn't necessarily flow naturally from our mythic concept of the scientific method (a point that's been made for years), and like you, I share an interest in creative experimentation to further optimize the production of new knowledge. You're just the sort of commenter I'm hoping to attract to this blog!


Reihan is a really smart guy, but he's just all over the place. I'm also tired of hipsters talking about irony.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and everyone knows it's thoroughly corrupt, but nevertheless it's Da City Dat Works.

I think mayor is a higher status office than governor when it comes to NY. I'm flashing back to the episode when Giuliani and Pataki were on SNL.

Never saw that movie you're talking about, but I'd like to hear what you think are the most egregious examples of Eliezer doing this.

Regarding #7, see Bryan Caplan on paternalism. Also, I was surprised so few people mentioned during the Obama-Hillary competition that black men were (constitutionally) given the right to vote before women were.

On #8, see this recent post at GNXP.

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