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December 14, 2008



Obama has reappointed a number of current Bush officials. I think that's more palatable to his supporters, perhaps because of status quo bias. Reappointing former Bush officials could be less likely.

I've heard #4 as well. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed explaining a subject to nobody in particular inside my head, just to get things straight.

I think Andrew Gelman has found that there's not a whole lot of change in the rank-ordering of districts between elections, so there will likely be a lot of the same battlegrounds as there were in the previous elections.

optimizing enlightenment
I'd like a rigorous definition.

I've come across a number of economists giving theories about academic journal publication. I recall some Austrians getting in an extended feud with some other economists about it, in part due to the low status of Austrians judged by that ranking.

I thought Leiter was mostly known for his rankings. I don't know much about him, other than that he pissed off some loser enough to have a hate-blog dedicated to him. It's actually pretty funny to see him reference completely unrelated dislikable people and then add that they're "just like Brian Leiter". I find Wilkinson annoying, but I a lot of the people he diavlogs with are interesting.


James Lindgren has been rather obsessive about Obama's dealings with Blagojevich as of late, but he has high praise for the technocratic nature of Obama's recent picks:

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