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December 01, 2008



I understand the attraction to competent administrators. That being said, the particular disciplines you mention have a, to put it politely, deplorable track record for generating actionable, accurate predictions.

As for the last bit:

"People should be spending their time innovating solutions to our existential risk, not innovating racial mythology "magic spells" to secure status over each other and the rest of us."

Why do you think the changes you propose will get the US closer to that goal?

Hopefully Anonymous

Nord, it's an empirical question. As for the "discliplines", I think the discipline is science. The domain of studying laws, rules, and their effects on human behavior is the experimental and empirical social sciences. I'm not making a claim that the state of the social sciences is strong. I'm making a claim that that's the name of the intellectual space where scientists study humans in interaction with each other and their social frameworks.

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