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November 23, 2008


John Sabotta

"As a tiny egoist in a large apparent reality, I think my realistically achievable macropolitical interests pretty much conflate with meritocratic technocratophiles as best I can tell."

Bolje grob nego rob


I recall in James Q. Wilson's Bureaucracy he says that part of the problem with trying to improve the State department is that it has such a vaguely defined mission.

I wouldn't expect Congress to make decisions based on competence, because they aren't selected on the basis of ability to recognize competence and they have little incentive to do so even if they were capable.

Like a lot of libertarians I'm most bothered by the heavy representation of drug war hawks among his picks. It's a stupid failed policy that could use some of his fabled "change". But what he's really about is sanctification of the status quo.


Someone proposed that Daschle's political skills will be needed in getting universal health-care legislation passed.

Hopefully Anonymous

Mitchell, I don't see how that follows that he gets oversight of that huge taxpayer funded bureacracy known as the Department of Health and Human Services. A quid pro quo for a politically skilled senator, instead of going to an expert at administering bureacracies in the field of "health and human services"?


This is all inside baseball, and I'm not a baseball fan. But... universal health care is supposed to be politically difficult, isn't it? Back in 1993, you had Shalala as Secretary of Health, and Hillary chairing the Health Care Task Force. Daschle's wiki bio indicates that in effect he will play both roles, being "White House point person concerning all health policy". He may not have expertise as a health administrator, but he does have expertise in getting legislation passed.

Hopefully Anonymous

So I like him as White House "Senior Advisor", like David Axelrod. NOT running HHS.

Johann Karl

It's simple. Obama has saved this country from economic collapse.

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