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July 22, 2008


Carl Shulman

GMU is not a very prestigious university, and although its law and economics faculties have been ascending relatively rapidly they remain far from the elite programs.

I can't speak for TGGP, but given the limited benefits and substantial costs (leaving jobs, moving to D.C., etc) this doesn't seem like a good idea for any of the other people mentioned.

Hopefully Anonymous

Carl, good points. Do you plan to get a Ph.D. in anything?

michael vassar

Dear Hopefully, I discussed the Ph.D. possibilities at GMU with Tyler, Alex, and Robin years ago and ultimately decided to pass on it. I don't see much value in a Ph.D. given my career path and the fact that my company is doing well. Eliezer and Carl also seem to be doing well, so I doubt they will be interested. Eliezer can make $10K/day consulting and Carl could easily pursue a PhD at Harvard if they wished, while by 2011 I expect to be on my second and much more promising company.

[Edited to preserve my anonymity.]

certainly anonymous

10k a day. Why did I ever choose Ph.D at GMU :)

I recommend against getting any college certifications if you are a United States citizen, unless it is Law or applied science. People who only listen to those with graduate degrees are too gullible anyway, and can be convinced of anyone to begin with. If you seek the knowledge, libraries and blogs are free.

Academia is for the most part an extension of left-wing bar talk with added undeserved credibility.

For some people there are plenty of reasons to get into academia (for a while), but for the sake of my anonymity I will keep those to myself.

Hopefully Anonymous

"10k a day. Why did I ever choose Ph.D at GMU :)"

Yeah, that raised my eyebrows too. Michael is that based on demonstrated market demand, or was it a number that just popped into your head?


It seems a big step with little payoff. If what we're doing now is so similar and has such a low cost, why bother? I assume that my place of residence is largely going to be determined by work. Furthermore, if I ever do get an advanced degree it is most likely going to be in Computer Science. Finally, wouldn't that make it harder to remain anonymous?

michael vassar

No, that's what Eliezer makes on the rare occasions when he does paid lectures.

Hopefully Anonymous

How many paid lectures for $10K has he done? Who has paid him?


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