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April 26, 2008



If you want to avoid embarrassment you can wear bike shorts and shirts/jackets.

On a completely unrelated topic Robert Lindsay is giving pointers on which drugs are the most dangerous in case you're looking to experiment (doubtful, I know). Razib is discussing brain-enhancing drugs here.

Robert Lindsay

Trolling IRL.

michael vassar

Probably safer and much more convenient

Hopefully Anonymous

Safer? The article itself seems to contradict that claim. But it seems perfect for social situations where it would be inappropriate to wear a helmet.

Do you wear a ribcap or are you planning to? Pretty much 24/7 or only in certain situations?

michael vassar

I don't wear one but I am planning to. Only outside. Probably depends on how well it works with my hair. (maybe a buzz cut would fix this problem) Helmets can strangle and impede vision and hearing. Ribcap should provide much of the benefit without these impairments.

Hopefully Anonymous

Why only outside?

michael vassar

Indoor head injuries seem absurdly rare to worry about.

Hopefully Anonymous

Michael, you have stats comparing indoor and outdoor head injuries? Particularly helpful if we can separate out sports and dangerous jobs related head injuries.

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