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March 02, 2008



On size, you are looking at something different and should pick a different word. People don't assume that someone is strong because they are fat. Size is volume, "impact" or "importance" is something different.

I am also interested in how diseases affect human behavior. Check out this on Greg Cochran and Paul Ewald's "New Germ Theory", this on a link between pathogens and collectivism and this on Toxoplasma gondii and human culture. While not discussing human behavior, I also like Competitive Release and Antibiotic Resistance, which I found relevant to the discussion on antinatalism.


Eliezer Yudkowsky has had a string of posts on words, labels and meanings. I don't feel like listing them all again, since I already did it here.

Nick Tarleton

Thought occurs: is it also the optimal place to locate cryonically frozen bodies? If not, where?

From the Cryonics Institute:

"Why don't we set up a facility in the Arctic? The lower external temperature makes very little difference to the boil off of cryogens. Access, staffing and management would be much more expensive."

The lowest recorded temperature on Earth is -89 C (-129 F); liquid nitrogen is at or below -196 C (-321 F). So it doesn't seem like storage in cold places would help too much.

Optimal? Someplace politically secure, with low natural disaster risk, and easily accessible, I suppose.


I remember reading about some anthropological thought about the degree to which tools should be considered part of an organism, and this mode of analysis could fit within that tradition.
That reminds me of Richard Dawkins' notion of an "extended phenotype".

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